Issey Miyake’s Origami Collection 132 5 is totally magical!

At the age of 72, Mr. Miyake is still very creative and innovative. His latest invention is creating clothes in 3-D Origami using sustainable fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. The effect is rather like the rising of a Chinese lantern from its flat state into a rounded object.

The idea of this project is to create garments from a single piece of cloth without cutting and sewing, but using sharp, precise, permanent creases instead – just like origami. Jun Mitani, Japanese computer scientist helped Miyake developed the computer-generated formulas for the designs.

The name 132 5 can be explained as follow: 1 refers to a single piece of fabric, 3 to a three-dimensional shape reduced to 2-dimensions, and 5 refers to the fifth dimension, which Miyake describes as the moment the garment is worn and comes to life “through the communication among people.”

There are 10 pieces in this collections with totes and handbags. They will be in store this week worldwide in Miyake boutiques as well as the new 132 5 store in Tokyo. And they are not that expensive, less than $300!

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